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New Templates & A Handy Dandy Tool

Like many people across the country, we are still sewing masks at our house. Honestly, I will be glad to take a break from this. This weekend's project was finishing up 30 fitted masks to take to co-workers and their families.

Our company provided 5 masks to each employee when we started operations back up earlier this month. They are the pleated medical style and they were made by our upholstery team (yay, team!). I prefer the fitted style myself so I have been using my own when necessary. I received many compliments on it and a few people asked for one. How can I say no?

The task was made much easier by new acrylic mask templates I ordered and received last week. I purchased them from Shop Stitch Buzz on Etsy. I really liked that templates were very similar in size to the homemade cardboard ones I was using. The templates also included the cut line for making the lining.

I did make an adjustment for using the templates. My cardboard pattern had an 1-1/4" difference between …

I'm a Blockhead!

I am a Block Head, but it's not the "doh, you idiot!" type of blockhead. I am officially a Moda Block Head. Here's the backstory on how this came to be.

I went to a quilting retreat back in late February before things got wild and crazy with stay at home orders. One of the ladies there finished up her Moda Block Heads 2 quilt. It is a sew-a-long where new blocks are released every week. It runs for about a year. I loved what she did.

Then Laurel mentioned Moda was doing another round of Block Heads. I checked out the information on the Moda website here. Before the retreat was over, I decided to become a Block Head.
It took a while to figure out what fabrics to use. I had taken an old Moda "A Stitch in Color" jelly roll and and charm pack with me to the retreat thinking I might do something with it. I liked the bright colors and thought it might work well for Block Heads 3. I purchased some Moda Grunge in matching colors to supplement my small amount of fabr…

A Better Mouse Trap

Bias tape ties. Yep. I am really starting to despise those things for the masks we are sewing. Making those ties take as much time to make as the body of the mask, maybe more by the time you factor in cutting and sewing. Elastic is still in short supply and we continue to make our own ties.

In a previous post, I shared a DIY tape maker I found online and constructed. While it helps somewhat, it still requires more time that I think necessary. My daytime job is in manufacturing and I have my green belt certification in Lean Six Sigma. No, I don't do karate or ju jitsu but rather I have taken training to learn basic process improvements that help us in manufacturing. My brain is always thinking of faster and better ways of producing masks. We essentially have a mini mask factory in our house.

Any way, back to bias ties. I still have not found my regular bias tape maker tool and was using my homemade jig. I happened to see a video posted by a friend on Facebook that got my attention …

Bias Tape Maker

Okay, so it's been awhile since I have posted. I went back to a 40-hour a week job. I've been busy and haven't sewn much. I have done a lot of kitten fostering though. Do you know how hard it is to sew, live almost full-time in an RV, and foster a litter or two or three of kittens? Yup, not much sewing happens.

Any way, I am back at the sticks and brick home because of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order in my state. And like many other sewists, we are making cloth face coverings, AKA masks. Lots of them. I think my mother (who lives with us now), has her own little sweat shop going in our front room. The supply of elastic for masks has pretty much been depleted and our patterns either can use or call for ties made out of bias tape. We have plenty of fabric to make our own bias tape but my bias tape maker tool has gone missing. It's been quite some time since I have used it and who knows where I may have put it. Maybe it is in our RV, lol.

I got tired of the fold and iron …