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January 2015 Doll Quilt Swap

I got back into the doll quilt swap for the month of January. Once I got through the Christmas rush, I knew I should have time to make a mini quilt. My partner this month was Amy P. from Wisconsin. I knew her favorite colors were red and teal and that she did like modern quilts. I'm not sure the one I made is truly considered modern, but I like what I came up with. "Spool Sisters" When I quilted it, I did a meandering all-over stitch to represent a piece of loose thread. Then I did a tighter stitch pattern on the large spool to represent the thread wound on it.   Stitch Detail I finished it off with faux piping on the binding. I adore the quilt I received from Amy! She stepped out of her comfort zone by making a modern quilt with appliqued hearts. I Heart This! Amy was really clever with her quilting stitch. She used a zig zag pattern that she said reminded her of a heart beating.  Stitch Detail This is a perfect little quilt just in time

Four Days

My fabric fast lasted all of FOUR days. FOUR!! I was doing so good up until I left on a business trip and found myself sitting in the airport looking at Facebook when beautiful fabrics started showing up in my feed. "Don't do it," I told myself. And then there was Lulu. I have a few pieces of yardage and a charm pack of Moda's Lulu by Chez Moi stashed away for a quilt project. I love the brightness of this collection. It was one of those cases when you walked into the quilt store you had an immediate liking of the fabrics. I found a couple of yards on sale of two Lulu prints on sale. How can you resist these? I can use these in the quilt I will be making. It's not a UFO, yet. I would like to start on this quilt sometime this year. I still am making an effort to watch my buying but it is hard!

Time for a Fabric Fast & Setting Project Goals

Happy New Year to all! I am going to try something different this year. Last year, I spent time and money building my fabric stash. I knew that eventually my job would come to and end so I bought fabric while I still had the funds to do it. I am still employed but expect that to change in the coming months. My job was only supposed to be temporary but that was over two years ago! This year, in anticipation of the pending change in income, I am putting myself on a fabric fast. Yep, no buying of fabric. I must use what is in my stash. A fellow quilter and I have challenged ourselves to do this. She who breaks first owes the other a yard of fabric. It started out in jest, but honestly, I need to do this. My stash is healthy and I do need to start using what I have on projects. We have one agreed upon deviation and that is to buy fabric that will be used for animal shelter donations (see my previous post on a tote bag I made). Speaking of projects, I am also challenging myself to