Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inexpensive Cutting Table & Storage

Not too long ago, someone posted a desk for sale on our local computer bulletin board. Ten bucks was the sale price. I inquired about approximate dimensions and it was 24" deep by 36" wide, just about the same size as my new cutting mat. Perfect, I thought! So I bought it. The desk is super sturdy with one pull out shelf underneath. There was another pullout shelf at one time, but it was missing. And the desk has a few scratches. Hey, for ten bucks I am not complaining.

I bought four caster wheels at Home Depot and installed them on the bottom of each leg. This gives me portability so I can move the new cutting table to wherever I want it. The casters lock in place, too.

There is space underneath for several of my project boxes and room on the slide out shelf to store some of my rulers and rotary cutter. I am tickled with my re-purposed desk for under twenty dollars!

"New" Cutting Table & Storage

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