Saturday, November 24, 2012


When I bought the used Hinterberg frame, it came with six foot poles. Sounds big enough, right? Nope. Even with doing a lap size quilt, I had issues with having enough space to quilt all the way across the top and still be able to access the drop in bobbin on my machine. To remedy this problem, I bought ten footers to replace the sixes. The poles are EMT thin wall conduit used for electrical installations. After a bit of prep work including increasing my leader cloth widths and re-leveling the frame, I now have plenty of space to load larger quilts.

I have also added 2 LED clamp on lights to give me even more light. What a difference they make! Especially with the grayer wintery days and shorter daylight hours.

I have new ball bearings for the carriage on order along with thrust bearings to make things easier when quilting. I will be able to turn the poles easier without having to loosen the knobs on the ends every time I advance the quilt. The next thing I want to do is to add Bower lifts. This will make raising the poles easier and faster than the current system on the frame.

Hinterberg Frame with 10' Poles
The quilt you see loaded on the frame is one my mother pieced for one of the grandchildren. I am doing the quilting of it. It has a cotton top, a layer of thin batting, and black fleece backing. This is a first for me and the overall quilting went better than I expected.

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