Friday, December 7, 2012

The Perfect Point

Have you ever worked on a project with points that created a big bump where all of the seams came together? Or maybe your seams didn't align properly? Let me share a neat little tool to help you deal with this very issue. It is Judy Martin's Point Trimmer.

Judy Martin's Point Trimmer
This handy dandy easy-to-use inexpensive tool helps to trim those corners thereby reducing bulk and making aligning those seams so much easier. My local quilt shop had an open house a few weeks ago and this was one of the demos. I saw this in the shop previously, but really didn't understand what it was used for until I watched the demo. Judy Martin also has a nice video that explains the use.

I am working on a quilt top with pinwheels so I know being able to trim my points will help me as well. I started with a layer cake that I am getting two triangles out of each pre-cut piece. Although I am trimming post-sewing because of how I did my triangles (sew first, cut in half second), it still removes the dog ears I would have had once I press the triangle open.

Aligning the Point Trimmer
Triangle After Pressing Open
Go pick up one of these Point Trimmers to add to your quilting tools.

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