Monday, June 17, 2013

Quilts Beyond Borders

I volunteered to make and donate two quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders, a charity that provides quilts to children in underserved areas of the world. I found this group through my Yahoo! Hinterberg Quilters group. I thought this would be a perfect way to practice on my new Voyager longarm quilting machine.

My first two quilts are finished and ready to send. I found the Dr. Seuss themed fabric on the 50% off rack at the Bay Window Quilt Shop in Perham, MN. The inspiration was a panel that was supposed to be made into a soft quilted book, but instead I inset the "pages" into a quilt using Izzy's Quilt Pattern by Katie Hennagir. I made the border around the panels wider to get a bigger overall size suitable for the QBB quilts.

Are these perfect? No, but for the children who receives one, I'm sure they will think it's perfect. That is all that counts! Plus, the experience I gained using my "new" machine was well worth the effort involved.

Quilts Beyond Borders #1
Quilts Beyond Borders #2

This was so much fun to do that I've already found another panel and coordinating fabric to make another quilt to send. The warmth that a child will get from a quilt brings warmth to my heart and soul.

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