Saturday, August 31, 2013

Turning Twenty - Skittles

I don't even remember turning twenty. Years of age, that is. But I recently completed a quilt for my other granddaughter, Courtney, that feels like it took twenty years to finish. I used one of the Turning Twenty patterns but instead of using twenty fat quarters, I did a smaller size with twelve. This is a quilt that made me want to pull out my hair from the get-go. At least it is finished and shipped off to Courtney to enjoy. I called this one Skittles because the colors in the fabric reminded me of the candy.


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  1. I have not did this pattern, but wondered what made you want to pull your hair out?

    BTW, I love the name. There is a gas station/mini mart near us, that we still call the Skittles Store. It was where we first found skittles many years ago.


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