Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Harold Bear

This past summer, my Aunt Sally (who I am named after) contacted my mom and I to see if we would be interested in making a memory bear for a dear friend of hers. The bear was going to be a surprise. Since I didn't know what a memory bear was, I had to do some quick research. To sum it up, it is a bear made from the clothes of a loved one. After talking it over, Mom and I agreed to take this project on.

We found a pattern by Simplicity to use and then waited for the shirts to arrive.

Our bear was named Harold after the father who had passed away. The shirts that came were favorites of Harold. We looked over the patterns and colors and decided the placement of them on Harold Bear. Then it was time to cut and sew.

As Harold was coming to "life", Mom decided he needed a ball cap. We found one at Hobby Lobby in Wenatchee and with a few modifications to allow for the ears, a cap was added. It's a little big but still cute.

Harold Bear

Every now and then you create something knowing that it is going to bring a lot of happiness to someone. You make whatever with love and care. This is certainly the case. We didn't know the real Harold or his daughter that would be receiving the bear unbeknownst to her.

Today Kathy, the daughter, received Harold Bear. She recognized her dad's shirts and showed my Aunt Sally a picture of her dad in one of the shirts. Harold Bear is loved very much and it warms my heart to know we have given someone something to remind them of their loved one. In this case, her dad. It doesn't get much better than this.

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