Thursday, January 15, 2015

Four Days

My fabric fast lasted all of FOUR days. FOUR!! I was doing so good up until I left on a business trip and found myself sitting in the airport looking at Facebook when beautiful fabrics started showing up in my feed.

"Don't do it," I told myself. And then there was Lulu. I have a few pieces of yardage and a charm pack of Moda's Lulu by Chez Moi stashed away for a quilt project. I love the brightness of this collection. It was one of those cases when you walked into the quilt store you had an immediate liking of the fabrics.

I found a couple of yards on sale of two Lulu prints on sale. How can you resist these?

I can use these in the quilt I will be making. It's not a UFO, yet. I would like to start on this quilt sometime this year.

I still am making an effort to watch my buying but it is hard!

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  1. Four days!!! You did well. I am such a fabric addict that I'm now afraid to leave the house. The other day I went out to buy enough pleather to make some handles for a bag and thirteen meters of fabric mysteriously followed me home LOLLLLLL. The fabrics you showed are so pretty I'm starting to get the shakes already LOLL. Just started following you. Wish you had a follow via email in your side bar, I always check my emails but am a bit lazy checking blogger.


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