Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 2015 Doll Quilt Swap

I got back into the doll quilt swap for the month of January. Once I got through the Christmas rush, I knew I should have time to make a mini quilt.

My partner this month was Amy P. from Wisconsin. I knew her favorite colors were red and teal and that she did like modern quilts. I'm not sure the one I made is truly considered modern, but I like what I came up with.

"Spool Sisters"

When I quilted it, I did a meandering all-over stitch to represent a piece of loose thread. Then I did a tighter stitch pattern on the large spool to represent the thread wound on it.
Stitch Detail

I finished it off with faux piping on the binding.

I adore the quilt I received from Amy! She stepped out of her comfort zone by making a modern quilt with appliqued hearts.

I Heart This!

Amy was really clever with her quilting stitch. She used a zig zag pattern that she said reminded her of a heart beating.

Stitch Detail

This is a perfect little quilt just in time for Valentine's Day next month, too!

I am already looking forward to next month's swap.

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  1. Sally! I love what you did with the stitching to mimic thread on a spool. Also, what is faux piping?


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