Friday, May 13, 2016

Truffle Tote by CloBird

I recently tested the Truffle Tote pattern from Clobird Designs. I opted to do a Dresden plate version of the bag because I liked the idea. I found a neat Dresden pattern that I scaled down to fit. While I wasn't totally pleased with my final product, I did like the functionality of it. I even used it on a trip via airplane and car to carry my laptop and a few other goodies with me. It worked out great.

Clobird approached me about making another one to display at the upcoming Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. Why, heck yeah!! Materials were provided and I got to work on it. My bag will be in the Andover fabrics booth. All of the fabrics are from Andover including prints from Di Hall-Ford and Kathy Ford, along with a beautiful caramel chambray.  About the only deviation I made from the pattern was to add a layer of Pellon's Flex Foam to the bag bottom to protect my laptop.

This time around, I love the finished product. After the show, I will be receiving my bag back and you can bet I will be using it.

Thanks, Karis, for the opportunity to show off CloBird!

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