Sunday, December 7, 2014

Runaround Bags

I tried another new pattern this weekend for small crossbody bags called the Runaround Bag by Lazy Girl Designs.

I followed the directions as written for my first bag, the navy/purple one. Yeah, I was not impressed with the handle and the fact that you can see the seams inside, even though you zigzag stitch them to clean up the raw edges. I thought the strap was downright ugly as designed. I didn't like the "openness" of the one side of it.

Bag #1

Time for another modification to a pattern which meant I would be making another bag.

I used my Dritz Quick Turn tool to do the next strap.  It made for a much cleaner and nicer looking strap.  Another thing I did differently from the pattern when I made the strap was to use just one WOF instead of piecing it. Mistake. The strap was too short in my opinion even though the instructions said to make the strap 40-45" long.

I also had access to a set of instructions to modify the liner to hide the seams. Incorporated that, too. 

Bag #2

All in all, it is a nice size bag if you want something small to carry around. Not only does it have a zip pocket to keep items secure, it also has a pocket on the back. A good place to slide your cell phone into.

Bag Back

The navy/purple bag is going to be a gift. I'll have to figure out what to do with the pink/orange bag since I think the handle is on the short side.

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