Friday, December 5, 2014


My local quilt shop is carrying a pattern called the Versatile Wave by Susan Rooney Patterns. I really like the ability to change the look of the bag by changing the bottom cover.

Versatile Wave Pattern
My problem is that I do not like bags with two handles or short ones either. The pattern as is would not work for me. What to do, what to do??

I put on my thinking cap and did some modifications to change it to a one handle bag. And here it is! I used a simulated tooled leather fabric for the bag and quilting cottons for the cover.

Currently, my cover, although sewn to be reversible, it not removable. My button is too big to fit through the button hole so I need to find smaller buttons. I also want to add a snap to the side seams to help keep the cover attached to the bag itself (since the handles won't do the trick as the pattern intends). I wish I used the invisible sew-in magnets but didn't think of it until the purse was finished.

I also modified the interior to add a zippered pocket and I removed the open side pockets. I am not a fan of them.

I may make one in black. I haven't decided yet. But still love the concept!

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