Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sally Said NO SEW!

I wanted to make fleece blanket for a friend and found this great tutorial at Pieces by Polly. It requires no sewing and I really liked the braided edge finish rather than tons of knots. There is only one small knot in this method.

Most of the time making this double layer blanket is spent cutting it out. I used two yards of 58/60" wide fleece. You cut 2" tabs around the entire edge of the blanket plus 2" cutouts in each corner.  Then using a crochet hook or a paperclip as shown in the tutorial, you "braid" the tabs together. My finished size is approximately 68" x 56". It took me about two hours to complete it.

I forgot to take pictures of the first blanket I made that went to a friend. It was made from Arizona Cardinals fleece backed with a solid black backing. I had to disinfect my cutting table afterwards since I am a Seahawks fan, LOL! But I managed to get pictures of the second blanket I made using Seahawks fleece and a coordinating bright green solid fleece.

This no-sew blanket would make a great and quick gift for someone. If you can get fleece on sale, that makes it even better!

Two Layer Fleece No-Sew Blanket

Braided Edge Detail

Go Hawks!!

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