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Introducing Fiona!

I purchased the neatest little wallet through Craftsy this weekend. It's called " Fiona " by Clobird Designs . Two fat quarters, a magnetic catch, a zipper and some interfacing and you are ready to sew! I will admit I struggled with my first one, mostly because the written instructions didn't match up to the pictures on the same page. Once I figured that part out, the wallet went together fairly well. For this one, I used a faux leather material with high quality quilting cotton for the flap and interior fabrics. I also fussy-cut the flap, both inside and out, but didn't do a very good job with interior layout. Outside of "Fiona" Wallet Inside it has six card slots, a zippered pocket for change or whatever, and place to put your checkbook. You can also add a pen holder but I never use them in other wallets so I did not include it in this one. Inside of Wallet I posted this in one of the Facebook groups I am in and made a comment about the l

I've Been Busy

I've been busy quilting and sewing but I can't share any of the pictures yet! Gifts, you know. Hopefully after the Christmas holiday I can work on my own stuff. I've been gathering fabrics for projects just itchin' to start stitchin'!