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My Quilts

These are the quilts I have made so far.
All piecing and quilting is done by me unless otherwise stated. 

Aly's Quilt - December 2011
Size: Lap
Pattern: Take 5 by Kathy Brown

Fabrics (mostly): Moda's Amelia by Me and My Sister Designs

Cody's Quilt - December 2011 
Size: Lap
Pattern: Take 5 by Kathy Brown
Fabrics: Mixed Textures (Chenille, Corduroy, Flannel, Flat Cotton)

Seeing Red - June 2012
Finished Size: 44" x 62"
Pattern: 5 & Dime by All Washed Up Quilts
Fabrics: Windham, Joann Fabrics

Ocean Currents - December 2012
Finished Size: 67" x 50"
Pattern: All Squared Up by Fourth & Sixth Designs
Fabrics: Batiks

Always Bee Happy - May 2013
Finished Size: 41"  x  59"
Pattern: Bee Happy By Shelly Comiskey
Fabrics: Bee Happy Collection by Shelly Comiskey for Henry Glass Fabrics

Quilts Beyond Borders #1 & #2 - June 2013
Finished Size: 42"  x  55"
Pattern: Izzy's Quilt by Katie Hennagir
Fabrics: The Lorax Organic by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Quilts Beyond Borders #3 - July 2013
Finished Size: 43" x 51"
Pattern: Sally
Fabrics:  Main fabric is Flower Power from Hobby Lobby

Skittles - August 2013
Finished Size: 54" x 70"
Pattern: Turning Twenty (12 Blocks)
Fabrics: Miscellaneous

Expressions in Blue - December 2013
Finished Size: 105" x 105"
Pattern: Just Can't Cut It by All Washed Up Quilts
Fabrics: Expressions 2 by P&B Textiles

Quilts Completed in 2014
All piecing and quilting is done by me unless otherwise stated.

Quilts Beyond Borders #4 - January 2014
Finished Size: 41" x 54"
Fabrics: Summersault by Erin McMorris for FreeSpirit Fabrics, Timeless Treasures Pink Gingham,Wrenly by Valori Wells for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Quilts Beyond Borders #5 - January 2014
Finished Size: 43" x 50"
Fabrics: Purchased @ Wal-Mart

Quilts Beyond Borders #6 - March 2014
Finished Size: 43" x 48"
Fabrics: Sweet Tea Collection by Khristian A. Howell for Anthology Fabrics
Pattern: Sally

Quilts Beyond Borders #7 - March 2014
Finished Size: 42" x 53"
Fabrics: Assorted from Ben Franklin Crafts and Local Quilt Shop
Pattern: Sally

Christmas in July Doll Quilt - July 2014
Finished Size: 19" x 22"
Fabrics: Assorted from Scrap Bin and Local Quilt Shop
Pattern: Sally adapted from Hip Holidays by QuiltSoup

Summer Memories - Doll Quilt Swap August 2014
Finished Size: 19" x 19"
Fabrics: Assorted from Local Quilt Shop and Ben Frankline
Pattern: Sally

Carrie's Quilt - November 2014
Finished Size: 50" x 70"
Fabrics - Moda's It's a Hoot by MoMo, Kona Solids
Pattern: Radio Way by Jaybird Quilts

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A New Dust Cover For My Handi Quilter Machine

I have been using a sheet as a dust cover on my Handi Quilter HQ16 longarm machine. Not pretty, but it did the job. The other day I was shopping at my local quilt store and she had a bolt of fabric that called to me and said, "Hey! I would make a great cover for your longarm machine." The fabric pattern is called Laugh Love Quilt by Amy Hamberlin for Henry Glass Fabrics. I knew there was a free download pattern on the Handi Quilt website so I checked to see how much yardage I would need before leaving the store. The pattern is for their Avante 18 (they also include info for the Fusion 24). They also include a pattern size if your machine has the Prostitcher--mine does not. The HQ instructions are really brief and not very informative. There are not many pictures of completed covers to give an idea on what the finished product is like. I found a couple of blog posts for the sit down version covers that were somewhat helpful. Otherwise I would be on my own. I would nee

Pincushion with Thread Catcher Bag

I have been wanting to make my own pincushion and thread catcher bag for a while now. My mom gave me one awhile back but I have seem to have lost it in moving. The patterns I saw online just weren't what I wanted so it was time to come up with my own. I used the pattern posted at Sew Mama Sew! as my starting point. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was close. I didn't need the organizer part nor that large of a pincushion. I did like how the bag was removable however. On the other hand, I wanted the "cuff" of the bag to be on the outside so it would make it easier to empty the bag. I didn't want threads getting caught under the "lip" of the fabric. With some modifications, here is what I came up with. The only piece that I ended up purchasing was the button. Everything else was scraps I had on hand or found around the house. I probably could have found an old button but I saw this one at my local quilt shop and thought it would be perfec

No Sew Fringe Vest

Hey! Wait a minute! Isn't this blog about sewing? Why yes it is. But sometimes "projects" happen where sewing isn't needed. But it sure helps to have sewing and quilting tools. I need a costume for a 60's themed BBQ (where social distancing will be practiced). I looked for ideas online and saw where I could purchase a costume for $$. Why would I do that if I could make my own? I decided I needed a fringed vest as part of my outfit. Hmmmm...yeah, I could make one out of my fabric stash, but that is mostly cottons and I felt not suitable for what I was thinking. I ended up purchasing a men's black sleeveless t-shirt from Wally World for under $5. Purchased Shirt I laid out the t-shirt on my cutting table, face up, and smoothed out the wrinkles as best I could. I took a strip of 1" blue masking tape and placed it on the shirt just below the arm holes. This would be my stopping line when cutting the fringe. Using my 24" ruler and rotary cutte